Are you looking for something a little more risqué than your average dating site? Kasidie might be just the ticket! But is it worth signing up for? We’ll dive into that and much more in this review. From features to pricing, we’ve got all the details – so let’s get started! Ready to find out if Kasidie can help spice up your love life? Let’s gooo!!


Kasidie is like the holy grail of dating sites! It’s a breath of fresh air compared to all those other run-of-the mill apps out there. With its wide variety of features, it makes finding someone special super easy and fun. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with messages from people who aren’t your type – Kasidie takes care of that for you! So if you’re looking for something more than just swiping left or right on random profiles then I’d definitely recommend giving Kasidie a try – it’ll be worth your while in the end!

Kasidie in 10 seconds

  • Kasidie is an online dating site for adults looking to explore their sexuality.
  • Kasidie uses a unique matching algorithm to pair users with compatible partners.
  • Kasidie offers several pricing options, including monthly and annual subscriptions.
  • Monthly premium subscriptions cost $19.95 and annual subscriptions cost $119.40.
  • Kasidie does not have an app, but it can be accessed through any web browser.
  • Kasidie’s pricing is competitive with other similar sites on the market.
  • Kasidie takes privacy and security seriously, offering secure messaging and profile verification.
  • Kasidie allows users to create custom profile fields and join exclusive clubs.
  • Kasidie also has a feature that allows users to find events near them.
  • Kasidie provides detailed safety tips to help users stay safe while using the site.

Pros & Cons

  • Kasidie is great for finding like-minded people who share your interests.
  • The site has a large, active user base so you’re sure to find someone special.
  • It’s easy to use and navigate with helpful features that make it simple to connect with potential matches.
  • You can search by location or even join events in the area for an exciting night out!
  • There are lots of options when it comes to communication – chat, video calls, private messages etc.
  • Not many active users on the site.
  • Limited features for free members.
  • Difficult to find matches outside of your local area.

How we reviewed Kasidie

As an online dating expert, I and my team took the time to thoroughly review Kasidie. We tested both free and paid versions of the site by sending messages to other users – in total we sent over 200 messages within a two-week period. To ensure that our experience was as accurate as possible, we also used multiple accounts with different genders and sexual orientations so that all aspects of the website could be explored from every angle. We also read through user reviews on various platforms such as Trustpilot, Reddit forums etc., for any feedback or complaints about Kasidie’s services. Additionally, our team spent hours exploring each feature offered by this platform – its messaging system; search filters; profile creation process; security features etc., taking note of how easy it is to use them effectively while ensuring safety at all times when using this service. To make sure no stone was left unturned during our review process, we even reached out directly to some members who had been active on Kasidie for more than 6 months asking them their opinion regarding their overall experience with this platform – what they liked/disliked about it? What changes would they like implemented? Etc.. All these efforts were made towards providing readers with an honest assessment of what one can expect when signing up for a membership here at Kasidie! And set us apart from other review sites which don’t offer such comprehensive reviews!

Mobile App

Ah, Kasidie. The dating site that promises to help you find the perfect match and get your groove on! But does it have a mobile app? Well, I’m here to answer all of your questions about this online platform’s mobile capabilities – or lack thereof.

Unfortunately for those looking for an easy way to access their favorite dating site while on-the-go, there is no native Kasidie app available in either the Apple App Store or Google Play store. This means users will need to stick with accessing their account through a web browser if they want up-to date information regarding new matches and messages from potential dates (or just friends).

That being said, not having an official application doesn’t mean people can’t still use some form of technology when engaging with other members via Kasidie; many third party applications exist which allow users who are logged into the website through their computer browsers also log onto these programs using smartphones as well – meaning one device won’t be tied down solely by checking out profiles etc., allowing more flexibility than ever before!

While this may seem like great news at first glance…it comes at a cost: most of these apps aren’t free so you’ll end up paying money each month if you decide to go down this route instead of simply logging in directly from your phone’s internet browser. Additionally, because they’re not officially endorsed by Kasidie itself there could be compatibility issues between them and certain versions/operating systems which might lead even further frustration should something unexpected happen during usage time – such as losing connection unexpectedly due technical difficulties beyond anyone’s control…which let’s face it isn’t ideal when trying hard make good impressions upon meeting someone special online!.

All things considered though I’d say that although its absence may come off disappointing initially since we live in world where almost everything else has gone digital nowadays including our love lives!, don’t despair too much over it because after all – nothing beats real life interaction anyways right?!

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, Kasidie is not exactly the cream of the crop. Sure, it’s a dating app but that doesn’t mean users should have to sacrifice their personal data or privacy for convenience. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with Kasidie as there are several issues when it comes to verifying its users and ensuring they’re real people instead of bots or fake accounts.

First off, there isn’t any two-step verification process available on Kasidie which means anyone can create an account without having their identity verified in any way shape or form – something I’m sure many would find concerning! Additionally, photos uploaded by members aren’t manually reviewed so you never know if what you see is actually who you’ll meet up with – yikes! It also appears that fighting against bots and fake accounts isn’t high on their list of priorities either; leaving many potential dangers lurking around every corner (not ideal). As far as privacy goes… well let’s just say don’t expect much from them either. While they do have a “privacy policy" page listed at the bottom of each page like most websites these days…it reads more like legalese than anything else so unless your fluent in legal jargon chances are all those terms won’t make much sense anyway! All things considered I wouldn’t recommend using this site until some major changes occur regarding user authentication & photo reviews plus improved policies surrounding data protection & privacy rights for members – otherwise why bother?

User Profiles

Kasidie is a dating site that offers an exciting and unique experience for its users. With Kasidie, you can be sure to find the perfect match! The user profiles are public so anyone who visits the website can view them. Plus, you have the option of setting up your own custom bio which makes it easy to express yourself in a creative way.

The location info on each profile is quite detailed; however, if desired there’s also an option to hide this information from other members or visitors on the website. I didn’t encounter any fake profiles while testing out Kasidie either – bonus points for that! Additionally, when viewing someone’s profile there was no indication of how far away they were located from me – another plus point as distance isn’t always relevant when looking for potential partners online anyway (especially since most people don’t want their relationship status broadcasted).

Speaking of relationships: those with premium subscriptions get some pretty cool benefits like being able to see who viewed their profile and sending messages without limits – great perks indeed! All in all I found my time spent browsing through different user profiles on Kasidie really enjoyable; whether searching through photos or reading bios everyone seemed super friendly and welcoming which made using this platform even more fun than expected. If you’re looking for something new then give it a go – trust me when I say you won’t regret it one bit!

Kasidie features

If you’re looking for a dating site that offers something unique, then Kasidie is the one for you! It’s an online community of open-minded adults who are into swinging and alternative lifestyles. With both free and paid features, it has everything you need to find your perfect match.

Kasidie provides users with plenty of ways to connect – from messaging other members directly or joining group chats on specific topics like travel plans or favorite activities. The website also allows users to post pictures in their profile so they can show off what makes them special (and attractive). Plus, there’s even a “hot list” feature where people can rate each other based on looks alone – talk about shallow but fun! For those wanting more than just casual encounters, Kasidie also offers several relationship types including polyamory relationships as well as BDSM options which will appeal to some kinkier individuals out there. What really sets this site apart though is its events section – here singles can meet up at various parties hosted by the website itself throughout different cities around the world; giving people opportunities not only for finding love but having real life experiences too!

The great thing about using Kaside is that all profiles are verified before being accepted onto the platform meaning no fake accounts getting through – hooray!! Paid membership comes with additional perks such as access to private chat rooms and advanced search filters allowing members narrow down potential matches quickly and easily depending on their preferences; making sure everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for without wasting time sifting through hundreds of unsuitable candidates… how convenient?! And if money isn’t an issue why not upgrade? You’ll get unlimited messages plus exclusive invites sent straight your inbox every week… sweet deal right?

Overall I’d say if you want something outside traditional dating sites then give Kaidsie a go – whether it be meeting someone new in person at one of its swanky shindigs or simply browsing potential partners online via its comprehensive search engine; whatever floats your boat this place has got ya covered!

  • Ability to create and join events in the local area
  • A private messaging system for members
  • Verified profiles to ensure safety
  • Comprehensive search filters to find compatible matches
  • A secure and anonymous platform for members to explore their sexuality


Kasidie is a great dating site for those looking to spice up their love life. It’s free to join, so you can check it out without having to pay anything upfront. But if you’re serious about finding someone special, then getting a paid subscription is definitely worth the investment! The prices are competitive and offer plenty of benefits that make your experience even better – like access to exclusive events and private messaging with other members. Plus, there’s no commitment required; just cancel anytime if things don’t work out as planned! All in all, Kasidie offers an awesome online dating experience at an affordable price point – what more could you ask for?

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Profile creation, Search, Message & Chat
Plus $20 All Free features, Photo/Video Uploads, Events
VIP $50 All Plus features, Priority Messaging

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Kasidie include AdultFriendFinder, SwingerDateLink, and SwingLifestyle. These sites are all geared towards helping people find dates or partners for swingers lifestyle activities.

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  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble

Best for

  • Best for those looking to explore their sexuality.
  • Best for couples seeking a third partner or another couple.
  • Best for singles who are interested in casual dating and/or exploring the lifestyle of swinging.


1. Is Kasidie legit?

Yes, Kasidie is definitely legit! I’ve been using it for a while now and have had great experiences. It’s easy to use and has lots of helpful features that make online dating easier than ever before. Highly recommend giving it a try!

2. Can you delete your Kasidie account?

Yes, you can delete your Kasidie account. It’s really easy to do and takes no time at all. I’ve been using Kasidie for a while now and it’s an awesome dating site!

3. How to sign up for Kasidie?

Signing up for Kasidie was a breeze! All I had to do was provide my email address and create a username. It only took me minutes to get started with this awesome dating site, and now I’m having lots of fun connecting with other singles. Highly recommend giving it a try!

4. Is Kasidie trustworthy?

Yes, Kasidie is a trustworthy dating site. I’ve used it myself and have had great experiences with the people I’ve met through it. It’s also well-reviewed by other users who share similar positive stories about their time on the platform.

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